Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

Through our economic growth activities and financial performance, we’re able to form sustainable supply partnerships; owner’s asset management, and, employment opportunities that are people-centric whilst future-proofing our stakeholder’s return on investment.

Supply Partnerships

The Rees Hotel endeavors to source its external supplies locally, wherever possible.

We are encouraging our suppliers to follow similar policies regarding environmental and social sustainability in their operations. Their commitment will have a strong influence on our decision to do business with them.

Sustainable Food Suppliers

After numerous tastings, we have sourced what we believe to be amongst the best examples of local quality produce from people who have a genuine passion for food. We are proud of the quality of produce within our region and are aware that buying locally supports the community and helps to reduce food miles. Half the battle of cooking great food is starting with a quality product and we believe that we have found many! We hope that you enjoy our research and maybe even use some of them yourself – please tell the suppliers that we sent you!

Some of our Supply Partnerships

  • Agreeable Nature
  • ApplebyFarm
  • Basil, Parsley Partners
  • Bidfood
  • Cairnmuir Olives
  • Crisp
  • Equagold
  • Euro Bakery
  • Fine Good Brokers
  • Granpa BB’s Muesli
  • Harbour Fish
  • Havoc Pork
  • Kaans
  • Kiwi Success
  • Merchant of Venison
  • Neat Meat
  • Nevis Gardens
  • Oceans North
  • Ozone Coffee
  • Resotech
  • Sabato
  • Trents
  • Wairiri Buffalo Limited
  • Windy Ridge Farms
  • Yellow Brick Road
  • Zamora

Pukka Tea

Pukka is the most sustainable and environmental tea available in NZ, being 100% Organic, it is focused around an amazing taste and well-being from cup to crop. We are pleased that Pukka tea is available in all our rooms as part of our complimentary tea and coffee offering.Here are some main sustainable advantages:

  • FSC certified paper and carton board
  • Organic cotton string and recyclable tags
  • Staple-free and compostable tea bags
  • Paper recyclable envelopes
  • Use vegetable-based inks on the tea cartons
  • Carbon Neutral in the Pukka Operations
The Rees Sustainability Commitments