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The Coleraine Dinner – 15 Nov
Upcoming Exclusive Event: "The Coleraine Dinner". Enjoy an evening featuring fifteen consecutive vintages of the legendary Coleraine hosted by John Buck of Te Mata Estate, alongside superb cuisine prepared by our executive head chef, Ben Batterbury.

Trying Times

tryingtimes1-small.jpgIt took four weeks to complete the great sheep drive.

When it was done, Frances joined WG at Queenstown. By now she was in an advanced state of pregnancy with their second child.

George Manning Rees was born two weeks after her arrival and died less than two months later.

Tragedy would strike again, within a month.

Frances’s brother John Gilbert, who had traveled to New Zealand with the newly-weds, was drowned trying to cross the Clutha River.

rhsmedal-small.jpgThen, there was another drowning.

The Rees ferry boat over-turned in a storm on the lake. One passenger, William Rogers, was swept away and lost. Another, John Mitchell, was saved by WG’s boat master Jack Tewa.

For his bravery, Jack Tewa was awarded the Royal Humane Society medal, on WG’s recommendation.

Jack was about to trigger a dramatic change in the fortunes of The Promised Land of Rees…

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