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The Coleraine Dinner – 15 Nov
Upcoming Exclusive Event: "The Coleraine Dinner". Enjoy an evening featuring fifteen consecutive vintages of the legendary Coleraine hosted by John Buck of Te Mata Estate, alongside superb cuisine prepared by our executive head chef, Ben Batterbury.


settlement1-small.jpgThe task of settling the land proved just as challenging.

William and Frances travelled to Invercargill and purchased a whaleboat from the renowned southern pilot Captain Lewis Akkers.

They named their boat the Undine, packed it with building supplies and stores and bought a bullock team to haul it overland to Lake Wakatipu.

Undine’s first lake voyage took WG and Frances to see work start on their new homestead at Queenstown and then back to Kingston so they could return to Dunedin via Dalvey.

This was the route WG planned to use regularly to bring in his supplies and pack out his wool.

In fact, Undine would be the first of a fleet of ferries that WG would soon be operating on Lake Wakatipu – though he didn’t know it at the time.

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